Internset Partners with IBM for Startups to Bring Together "Anywhere, Anytime Internships" From Across the Globe

12 Apr 2024
Internset Partners with IBM for Startups to Bring Together "Anywhere, Anytime Internships" From Across the Globe

Mumbai, IN - Internset Private Ltd., the company that operates a pioneering global virtual internship portal, has announced a strategic partnership with IBM for Startups to address the needs of millennial and Gen Z audiences by offering "Anywhere, Anytime Internships" that transcend geographical boundaries and time constraints.

Internset's Enterprise platform connects SMBs with remote talent around the world, providing college students and recent graduates with distinctive opportunities to gain real-world experience, expand their skills, and build professional networks. By leveraging IBM's cutting-edge technologies and global network, Internset is poised to enhance its platform's capabilities and further democratize internship accessibility.

"While being able to start an internship from Anywhere has numerous benefits including having autonomy and flexibility over one's schedule, it still has its challenges such as lack of community and a sense of belonging," said Niranjan Yadav, President and CEO at Internset, celebrating its second anniversary. "Building, growing and establishing a vibrant and engaging community is at the heart of everything we do at Internset. We are thrilled to be partnering with a company like IBM which has the technological and business expertise around the globe to help us address this issue head on. Together, through a variety of different engagement mechanisms, it's our goal to bring this Anywhere, Anytime Intern community together to learn, to grow and to ultimately thrive."

The purpose of the partnership is to provide Anywhere Interns (i.e. individuals who intern remotely without needing the need to travel to the workplace), the opportunity to find community and connect with like-minded individuals during their internship programs. Leveraging IBM's expertise in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology, Internset will enhance its platform's functionality to deliver a seamless and authentic experience for both interns and host companies.

While the combined "work from home" trend has continued to grow, there remain challenges among this growing segment of the early workforce. Internset's partnership with IBM for Startups marks a significant milestone in its mission by providing young professionals with flexible and accessible pathways to kickstart their careers and pursue their passions.

About IBM for Startups:

IBM for Startups is a program designed to support and empower entrepreneurs with the technology and resources they need to build and scale their businesses. Through access to cutting-edge technologies, global network, and expertise, IBM for Startups helps startups accelerate innovation, drive growth, and innovate with IBM AI in key industries and markets worldwide.

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